Student Anti-Bullying Documentary Project

Student Anti-Bullying Videos

In school year 2018/2019 several Bronx Writing Academy students had the opportunity through a documentary production class to learn important lessons about working in teams, taking courageous steps, giving and taking direction, story-telling, video production techniques, and editing video all while working on fictional video stories they crafted themselves. Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Sufuentes lead their classes in the creation of the following projects. The outstanding results speak for themselves.

  • Abby Team

  • Amado

  • Amira Interview

  • Bullying is an Epidemic

  • Chicken Noodle Soup

  • Cyberbullying

  • Dat Way

  • Diamonds

  • Fortenite

  • Golden Times

  • KCRJ

  • Movie Stars

  • New Kid

  • Nutella Turtle King

  • Recorders

  • Shifty

  • Sufuentes 1

  • Sufuentes 2

  • The Inspectors

  • The Minions

  • Trayway

  • Truth

  • Victim Hotline

  • Violence

  • Zenobia