Bronx Writing Academy
Mission: “Develop outstanding citizens and learners”


We Believe students learn best when they are engaged.

  • Student engagement means: multiple points of entry and multiple learning styles; student choice and real-world connections; use of technology to personalize assignments; student-directed activities with teachers as guides; student-led discussion of high-level questions; and self- and peer-assessment.
  • Socio-emotional learning means: a common uniform, shcool-wide language and vocabulary for discussing socio-emotional skills; use of scenarios for explicit teaching of strategies; and dedicated time for teaching socio-emotional skills.

BWA Distinctives

  • PROSE School with focus on peer observation and also a Learning Partners school (opportunity to collaborate with a cohort of schools, share best practices and learn from one another).
  • Community Learning Schools for parents to find resources that include housing support, counseling, language classes, etc. This works to meet socio-emotional needs of the community
  • Received a $1M STEM grant for opportunities that include teaching documentary writing, research-based projects, etc.
  • Supported by Partner Organizations
    • Citizen Schools: works with public middle schools in low-income communities to provide a longer learning day
    • iLearnNYC: Getting access to courses not currently offered in their school (AP classes, world languages, credit recovery)
    • BronxWorks: Helps individuals and families improve their economic and social well-being
    • Writing Matters: Literary coaches help teachers in implementing process-based writing according to expectations of the Common Core.